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Calgary Bar and Justin

One of the many things I love about photography is that you can stop time and capture an emotion, and memory all at the same time. Which is what I wanted for this session.

Calgary is my brothers horse that he has shown on for many years.  Justin doesn’t show much anymore and Calgary has retired to the pasture, but he still takes him out to ride.

Calgary Bar will be 26 this April, I’m glad that we took these last week.  Justin I hope you like these of the two of y’all!!

Those of you who follow me and see my pictures Calgary is one of the many horses that are in the background of our pictures and now he is the star, Isn’t he just so handsome!!

Justin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0077 copyJustin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0115 copyJustin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0129 copy

My Favorite one

Justin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0094 copy

Justin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0160 copyJustin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0179jb copyJustin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0105 copy

Calgary Bar

Joshua 1_0010 copyJustin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0204 copy

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Gender Reveal!!

So the funnest part about being pregnant is making it to that 16 week mark and going for that gender reveal ultrasound.. at least it was for me!!

I was so excited when Jena came home and told us she was expecting another baby, I do love me some babies and now I will have two to love on and spoil!!

Justin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0010 copy

Justin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0030 copy

HMMMMM.. What is my mommy going to bring home….

Justin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0034 copy


Justin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0039 copyJustin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0040 copyJustin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0041 copyJustin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0042 copyJustin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0043 copyJustin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0051 copy

I was so sure she was having a boy, up until this past week when the shape of her tummy went from side to side to all out front.. my poor little boy wanted a little boy cousin so bad but, I am excited for another baby girl!!

When she came back from her appt I knew it was girl and we couldn’t wait to do this gender reveal shoot.

I have been waiting all week to post until we had the party.

Since Brogden couldn’t participate in the shoot with us, he called from where he is stationed to tell us the good news!!

 We are all so excited to welcome Preslee Ann Hines and I cannot wait to meet her in July!!

Justin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0059 copyJustin Horse and Jennifer Reveal_0070 copy

Congrats Brogden, Jena, and Lyla Rae!! Lots of hair bows and pink for your house!!

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Gatsby By the Sea Styled Session Pursiuit 31 North Carolina Retreat

Totally over the moon in love with these pictures and this styled shoot!! So excited to share these with you!!

Two weekends ago about 15 photographers from Eastern N.C   went down to Surf City for a Pursuit 31 Womens Photography Retreat!!

Anyone who is not familiar with Pursuit 31, it is a group of Christian Woman who are photographers.  If you are a woman who is a photographer you should join our group, you find a place where not only

are we learning about photography but Jesus as well!!

I needed this weekend so bad, I told my husband that I needed to take off the mommy hat, the wife hat, and the DanaLeigh Photography hat off for a weekend and just concentrate on me nothing but me.

That sounded so bad, but my wonderful husband told me to go and have a great time!!

Bless this good man!!

The whole theme for the weekend was The Great Gatsby, hence the photos, They did an amazing job with everything fitting into the theme, right down to the styled shoot.

The day of the shoot was so cold, and very rainy.  These models were champs though and you would never know how cold they were.

Each photographer was allowed 3 min to shoot with the couple, now…. I do not photograph couples that often and a lot of these poses were not ones that I posed but I was able to capture the two of them and I think they fell into the role very well.

When doing a styled shoot like this, it takes a lot of help from different vendors and we had some awesome vendors!! I would like to thank the ladies who put on the retreat and also all of the vendors (listed below) for their time and work.

Gatsby by the Sea Inspired Wedding (Styled Shoot)
Pursuit 31 North Carolina Retreat

Surf City, North Carolina

Hair and Makeup Artist:
Natalie McManus of Beauty Bar Boutique

Judy Matteson of Surf City Florist

Cake Artist:
Karen Neal of Black Mountain Cakes

Optional FB links for tagging:

DanaLeighP3102 copy

DanaLeighP3104 copyDanaLeighP3105 copyDanaLeighP3108 copyDanaLeighP3124 copyDanaLeighP3110 copyDanaLeighP3112 copyDanaLeighP3113 copyDanaLeighP3115 copyDanaLeighP3117 copyDanaLeighP3119 copyDanaLeighP3121 copyDanaLeighP3123 copy

Not only did I have awesome time, I learned a lot about myself as well.

We took  a personality test and WOW.. I learned what personality I am and I think it explains a lot about me..

If you know me this won’t come as a shock but I am an extrovert HAHA! Go figure, yes I’m loud, love crowds, and love being around people!

Thank goodness my husband is the exact opposite..

I did have a greased to t time, met some amazing woman and made some new friends.

I am so thankful for Karen Stott who first started Pursuit 31, through this group I have found Christian woman who I call my friends who are there

to help me and build me up.  Ladies I had an amazing time with y’all and cannot wait until next year!!

that quiet time with the Lord in a beautiful place.

Had to share this photo taken during the styled shoot, my awesome friend Kelly Parnell took this  of me and I think it captures the true me perfectly!!

Thanks Kelly for sharing!!

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Sticks and Stones may break my bones but Words may never hurt me…..

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me. Whoever said this has never experienced bullying or verbal abuse because we all know that words do HURT!!!

Did you know….

3.2  million children are bullied everyday

160,000 children skip school just to escape bullying

This is sad, and why is this happening?

Several months ago Brooke told me she wanted to do a anti bully photo shoot.  After expressing her desire to do this shoot I spent a lot  of my time sitting and contemplating ideas but last weekend it finally came to me! Our main goal is to help anyone who feels lonely, lost, sad, and  unwanted. We want them to know that they are wanted and that they do have a voice.

With that being said, I am not the best writer in the world but If I can help one person with this blog I have accomplished my goal.

In recent years I have become so tired of turning on the news, reading on Facebook, and hearing  about a teenager or a middle school child that has committed suicide because they wanted to end their life instead of living due to being bullied in school.

As a mother myself I absolutely dread my children becoming teenagers where they will be dealing with this issue as a result of Facebook, twitter, instagram, and google plus because it has made bullying worse than ever before. Why can’t we just be NICE? I feel that this even happens with adults as well. Why do we need to put others down?  In all honesty I am guilty of this myself and recently realized this after making a negative post online. After making this post I then asked myself why I would post this knowing it would make someone else feel bad?  After coming to this realization I have made it my goal this year to discontinue this type of behavior in my own life. With the internet at our fingertips it is so easy to hide behind a phone, tablet, or computer and type hurtful words that we do not realize can do permanent damage.

BRooke14bully_0396bw copysaturday28_0314w copysaturday28_0308 copy

When someone tells you something about yourself everyday you start to believe that it is true. This past weekend I went to a retreat and they had us do an exercise where we had to write down on one piece of paper how we perceived ourselves and what we had been told about ourselves by others. After writing this down we then we had to pass our piece of paper around the room where each person in the room wrote how they saw us.

This was an eye opening experience. What I see in the mirror and what I think of myself is not what others think. Throughout middle school most of us experienced at least some bullying. As with most people I know I was picked on. When you go through that odd stage of loosing teeth, bad hair, and just being your generally awkward self at 10,11, and 12 it is hard to believe that you have the ability to rise above that and forget that those words were ever said, but you can.

For anyone who feels lost and alone and does not think that they don’t have a friend, please remember that you do! JESUS is your friend and he will help you through this and will always see the beauty within because he created us in his own image!

So tomorrow when you see that girl or boy who appears sad lonely please go up to them and speak to them. You don’t know what impact your small act of kindness could have on their day. What if that was their last day and they were planning on killing themselves?

BRooke14bully_0414BRooke14bully_0414 copy

People say sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you, but this saying could not be further from the truth. Words can hurt. They hut me. Things have been said to me that I still  havent forgotten  - Demi Lovatosaturday28_0341wo copy

So Tomorrow when you see that kid in the hallway say something nice!! If you are that kid know that you can overcome this and rise above these words and know that you are beautiful and strong!!

Brooke you are so beautiful and strong and you know I love you to pieces, Im so glad we could all put this together. Thank you Anna Bailey for doing a amazing job on the hair and make-up.

saturday28_0343woeds copy

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Paisley Parnell Turns ONE!!!!

Jeff and I had the best time shooting Miss Paisley’s first  birthday party!!

I met Kelly through facebook, she is a photographer as well!! We both share a love for children’s and newborn photography, and she is amazing!!

Kelly actually came to Goldsboro to do a newborn workshop and we had the best time together. So when she was looking a photographer to shoot Paisley’s birthday party I was happy to do it for them!

Being around Kelly is like being around a old friend, she is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I have ever meet, I sure wish she lived closer so we could have more shoot dates!

Everything for the party down to the location was perfect, she had every small detail covered and I think all the kids

had a blast!! Enjoy the pictures!!


Down to the colorful cups and sparkly forks!! I love this

Two sweet people!!
Of course I had to get in a shot with Kelly!! Loved spending the day with her and her family 
Paisley had a blast in the pool!!This little girl had the best time jumping off the diving board, I had to capture this!! Love this, nothing like being little, life is so simple and care free.How awesome is this birthday cake!!
I think I have determined she is a daddys girl Here mom have some cake!! Yummy!
Paisley enjoyed opening her presents After the party we did some family shots and this one makes me laugh so hard, These two sisters are making sure they are photo ready!! Such a beautiful family.Kelly did some shots of Jeff and I and then we did some of them and I love this one of them!! Kelly thank you both for letting us come out this weekend, we had a blast and Paisley is one lucky girl to have you both as parents!!

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